23 July 2020

More CoC and Virtual Lard

I got in another game of CoC last night and the game experience really went well. P-Y changed the position of his overhead cam, this squared off the total terrain so it was quite easy to play the patrol phase. I should also say that I played most of the game from this view, despite a wide selection of other views. As you can see we have both have our dice trays with our Force Morale trackers up as well. Using multiple Zoom accounts has really worked well for us and I can see now that this is the way to go. We have no connectivity problems in 2 games now so I believe a personal account at $150 per year for 100 cameras at a time is a pretty good deal. The option of allowing player to select any one of several cameras for the main view really defines the gaming experience. Her are a few photos from the game. We played scenario 5 from the book with regular German and American Airborne platoons. Like our last game the Americans had an extra squad and the Germans had an extra German SL and an MMG team. I played the US again.
JOP's Red US, Green Germans
About half way through the game.  I had taken a pretty aggressive offensive by starting immediately advancing one squad up the orchard to the south and one to the house to the west. Unfortunately, when crossing the road my SL got isolated and shot up by the German MMG team, I then had to deploy another squad there to protect the wounded SL, he got knocked down and then drag him to the safety behind one of the houses. This is exactly not what I wanted to happen as to the east 2 German squads were advancing to 2 unprotected JOP's! The squad I planned to advance south now had to rush back to the NE. Ovals are squads and circles are teams, again green is German and red US.
P-Y was able to capture my JOP, but a series of double phases allowed me to wipe out one of his squads, and the MMG team as well as decimating another squad. I still had 2 and half squads as well as my Mortar team. My FM was 6, his was 5. I threw another double phase, it was 0100h, time for the Germans to retreat.
So I got lucky, it always seems to me that my opponent is the one who gets the multiple double phases, but tonight I must of had two triple phases and maybe 5-6 double phases, while P-Y had maybe 3-4 double phases. It clearly swung the game.

Here is my present set up with 2 overviews a mobile cam as well as my dice tray. You can see I have embedded myself in the side overview cam. I am going to move the selected overhead cam more overhead as it made an enormous difference in our game last night, time to get the drill out.
I playing in Virtual Lard this weekend, playing a yet to be published game called Packing Heat, have no idea what it is but it should be fun. P-Y is games mastering the above scenario at 0900h BST, 0400h EDT! Fortunately my game is at 1330h BST so 0830h for me.


  1. Sounds great, gorgeous terrain...and effective cam, I hope so!

  2. Nice set up John, really like the winter table.