15 July 2020

A Small Danish Fleet

Several weeks ago, I had a look at my Black Seals plastic pile, a couple of 3rd rates, some frigates and lots of Brigs. Since my Spanish fleet is landlocked in Montreal and I suspect it will be months before I am allowed to retrieve them (do not set me off.... the richest country in the world acting like a 3rd world banana republic with even worse leadership.....move on John), I decided to paint add a couple of small fleets to my collection.

I gave it a bit of thought and decided to paint some ships for the Scanian Wars. This was specially attractive as there very little information on how this ships were painted, so I had some flexibility. I have been very slow to rig the ships, I finished the hulls several weeks ago. But today I finally finished my Danish ships. I believe we have found that during the pandemic few rather than more ships work for Virtual Tabletop Wargaming. I painted a frigate and 3 brigs for the Danish fleet.
I think they look pretty nice, so I have to get on with the Swedish fleet so they can all be launched.


  1. Terrific look, John! How many guns are carried by each ship? And have you named them?

    1. Not sure about the guns, I will have to think about naming them for sure.

  2. Very nice. You don't see many ships for the Scanian Wars!

  3. Wonderful looking ships!!

  4. Great looking ships. The "small war": in the Baltic post 1807 is quite interesting. The Danes probably suffered more from the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars in terms of territorial losses than any other country, and for no good reason except expediency.

  5. Great work John! I could never manage the rigging on these models...very impressive.