04 July 2020

SAGA AoM: The Lords of the Wild

I finally finished my second Warband for SAGA Age of Magic, my first was Masters of the Underearth and was based on the Goblins from the Games Workshop collections for LotR and the Hobbit.

The Lords of the Wild faction is also based on Games Workshop figures but this time on the Elves, aside from a few additions. I really had a lot of fun putting together this Warband, many had been painted by my son many years ago which I touched up but there are some additions by myself.

The warband is as follows:

Base Force
Lieutenant (figure cost)
Sorcerer (1)
Titan (1)
Creatures (flying) x2 (1/figure cost)
Hearthguard (1)
Heavy Weapon Armed Hearthguard (1)
Bow-Armed Hearthguard x2 (2)
Warriors (1)
Bow-Armed Warriors (1)

Specials/Legendary Units
Bow-Armed Ranger (Lieutenant)
The Hunter and the Great Hunt Warlord (1)

As you can see, the maximum points fielded here can be up to 10. I would like to add some Levy eventually as well as some Shapeshifters. I already have on hand a Mounted Warlord and Mounted Hearthguard. They are a little back in the painting queue.
The Hunter with his 2 companions
Flying Creature One....
....and Two
These are great figures.
Anyway, I hope gaming resumes soon but I suspected I will be trapped in the USoT for many months yet, so I will have to be patient. Next up will be some more figures for another Studio Tomahawk game.

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