01 April 2021

"O" Group Terrain

I have been working away on my 6mm terrain for playing WWII at the Battalion level in 6mm for the last couple of weeks. This is the first 6mm project I have done and I as mentioned before I am really doing this on a minitaure scale as I am running out of space. 

We have had 2 test games now and the ruleset seems to work well at this scale over the airways. I am also finding the ruleset quite a lot of fun, I have found all three reulesets that David Brown as put out recently much to my liking. 

Certainly terrain for this scale is quite a bit more of a challenge for me that the 20 or 28mm terrains I have done for my other scales. You really need to do much more from scratch and in a lot of cases the terrain works more on an expressionistic scale than on the details.

To make things simple for myself I just converted everything from inches to centimetres, so noting that the terrain used in the demo videos was 60x72", I decided to lay things out on a 60x72cm mat. I think this might be a little small but it easier for me to go up inrespect to mat size than smaller. I felt 40 square centimetres was a good size for 1 BUA. I decided to scale everything else to this size, and since I was focused on EW and MW Ostfront, the terrain would be much more rural than what I have done in the past. I still have a lot to do and improve on but what follows are photos of my first go.
Ruined Factory Complex (I think I could of up scaled thesebuildings). This is a 2 BUA in size. 

A small 1 BUA Workshop Complex

Roads are always a challenge, these are rural dirt roads, I need to work on my road colour scheme.

Forests and fields with 2 German recon vehicles.

A 1 BUA farm with fields, the fields are suppose to represent corn fields, the height is right but I blelive they need to have narrower rows.

Only store bought terrain are the rivers, from the old JR Miniatures 6mm line.

A 3 BUA village with some T-34's. Everything has been printed on a Photon Zero resin printer.
Panzer III's traveling past the workshop.

Yes a Russioan Church from 3D Print Terrain

The Zoom View Screen Capture


  1. That looks great John. I’ve found 6mm terrain quite a challenge. I’d be interested to see how you make your forests; can you put units inside?

  2. Looks beautiful. I think 6mm is a great scale for O group.