30 November 2020

Wild West Take 2!

Last week myself and P-Y got in another Western game, we had made a few errors in our starting posses so we decided to restart the campaign. Essentially we misunderstood that it is best to start with a full complement of 6 men. I added "Crazy Eyes" Ramone. P-Y added 2 more characters to his posse, their personalities will be fleshed out as the campaign goes on.

It has been a while since we played, and of course I have forgotten all the details. It was quite a long game (4-5 hours as we are still learning the rules) and we got in 5 turns. The premise of the game is here. Tuco, my legend was driven off the table early on so it was quite a challenge for the Mexican Banditos. The game ended with the sheriff "Big Gun" Barlow engaging in consecutive rounds of Fisticuffs, giving the victory to the Sheriff's Posse. Generally I came out ok as none of my men were killed, Grey Beaver in the Sheriff's Posse was killed so Big Gun will have to hire a new character in our next game. I gained a new 3 extra Bonanza tokens. I believe that 1 of the Posse has earned a new skill and they have added $10 for their victory and an extra desperado card.

The campaign rules are still being fleshed out by the game designer, so we have made a few suggestions. The rules themselves flow well, with our only challenge keeping track of who has spotted whom from turn to turn. With 6 men aside, this is a bit of a challenge to keep track. We are playing a game of Musket's and Tomahawks tomorrow which also has spotting rules, it will be interesting to see how they compare.

Pierre-Yves took a lot of photos, I am sure they tell a story but the details now escape me so I will just let you enjoy the well painted figures and beautiful terrain. As you can see each character has a coloured band which is easily enough identified over the internet. The red crosses that you see next to some characters are pinned markers. P-Y uses 3 fixed cameras with a mobile camera on his end to play the game, it works well.

Rubén-Greenhorn-Light Grey
Jean-Pierre-Shootist-Light Brown
Ramone-Greenhorn-Dark Brown

Sheriff's Posse
Clyde Barlow-Legend-Blue
Jacob Cannon-Gunslinger-Orange
Grey Beaver-Shootist-Green
Jasper Callahan-Shootist-Yellow
Toothless Howard-Greenhorn-Grey
Three Toed Elten-Greenhorn-Pink

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