19 November 2020

A New Campaign (Old West)

Myself and Pierre-Yves started a new campaign last night, using a yet un- released Western Skirmish ruleset. It was a lot of fun and it flows quite well. As the rules are still in playtest, I am limited in what I can say but I think it is OK to describe the premise of the game, some of the characters as well as the action with some photos.

Premise and Characters

A group of Mexican Banditos lead by the western legend "Tuco", have captured the Sheriff's daughter and are holding her hostage. The Sheriff, Clyde "Big Gun" Barlow, is of course quite alarmed by this and sets out to rescue his daughter "Esmeralda". He is accompanied by 3 of his men; Jacob "The Noose" Cannon, Grey Beaver and Jasper "Shootout" Callahan. He hears that Tuco and his men are camped outside town in the desert. 
Big Gun and his men approach the outlaw camp from the Northeast, it is early morning so they dismount and approach on foot. Tuco and his men are scattered and seem to be asleep, Tucu has left Rueben "el musico" in charge, with "three fingered" Julio and "le francés" covering both the north and south approaches with their rifles. Unfortunately it is midday, it is hot.....they are all asleep! 

Some Action Shots from P-Y
The Sheriff's Posse
Laying in wait....sort of
Did I just hear gunshots
Big Gun moves behind the cactus and takes aim, while he sends Grey Beaver and the Noose to advance to the camp, he will provide long range fire.
Esmerelda rebuffs the Frenchman's advances.
"Shootout Callahan" approaches the camp from the east.
The Frenchman while distracted by Esmerelda takes some fire, El Musico advances rapidly and his able to kill Grey Beaver with a single well placed shot. Tuco suddenly becomes crazed and advances forward, he is so crazed that he does not see a wild dog attack and before he knows it, he has emptied 4 shots into the crazed animal (unsure who is more crazed). His gun then jams but he has another Colt in his belt and fires wildly and drives "Shootout Calhoun" off the table.
"The Noose" gets close but he gets caught in the crossfire, "Big Gun" sees that is rescue attempt is futile, time to form up a bigger posse.
The game was a lot of fun, although I have to say that Pierre-Yves's unlucky dice throws did somewhat distract from the victory. I was happy that my Banditos all survived, money was earned and new skills were learned. I will look forward to our next game.

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