13 November 2020

A Cowboy Game


I had my first Old West skirmish game this week. P-Y has been sent a playtest version of a new skirmish game, and asked if I would be interested in having a go. I will not go into the rules as they are still under wraps but I had a lot more fun than I thought I would have had. So much fun that we decided to play the campaign that is a major part of the rules. We both felt a little burned out from Chain of Command. I do not have a Western themed setup and aside from some Indians have no figures for gaming in this genre....and I am trying not to go down yet another gaming rabbit hole! We are planning to alternate games of Muskets and Tomahawks in the French Indian War setting (this will be my responsibility).

In our game, there was a Sheriff's posse of 4 men, trying to track down a group of 4 Mexican desperados. We played several turns over about 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours and the rules flowed nicely. The game generated several questions but most of these are " did we do this right" rather than "what does this mean"? I played the desperados and was able to escape the clutches Louis "Big Gun" Ramsey and his men (indeed killing "Big Gun" and causing one of his men to flee in terror), so Rubén "the Mute" Tenorio and his men were able to flee south of the border.

As you can guess, the game is quite cinematic and as I am big fan of Spaghetti Westerns we may see Tuco, Angel Eyes and Blondie on the table! Here are a couple of photos taken through zoom of P-Y's beautiful setup.
.......and of course some close-ups from P-Y.

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