11 September 2020

Consthum Village-A Bloody Bucket Blitzkrieg


We had another battle in last evening in our Bloody Bucket campaign. This was a Blitzkrieg from Table 4 to 5, so I was going with the same supports and troops I had on Table 4.

Sturm Platoon #2
CD 5 Green FM8
1 SL
3 man rifle grenadier team
1 Sturm Squad w/JL
1 LMG Squad w/JL 

Supports (12)
Captured Jeep
LMG Squad (down to a JL with 1 LMG with 2 crewman)
le IG.18 w/ JL

American Rifle Platoon
CD 5 Regular FM 9
2 SL's w/ Bazooka Team
3 Rifle Squads w/JL

Supports (?)
0.3cal MMG team

This time it was Pierre-Yves who got the jump on me, with an excellent Patrol Phase in addition to having the higher Force Morale. As you can see below, I really did a poor job.
So things did not look good, this was an attack and defend scenario so the only way I could win was to force the Americans off the table, while maintaining my FM at 3. P-Y then through in a real ringer and put down a minefield next to my most westerly JOP. 
At this point it felt pretty hopeless and as you can see from above P-Y over the next couple of phases placed a 30cal MMG in an entrenchment to cover the whole eastern edge and then placed 3 squads just north of my JOP's. I was able to get a sniper in the building just north of the minefield, and I placed a Sturm Squad and tried to get into the barn and even though only a single American rifle team was able to see them, they were broken in 2 phases and routed off the table.....very quick game and well played by P-Y.

The Summing Up: Battle 6 /Turn 4

Americans no loss
German Sturm Platoon #2: 2 dead, 2 wounded

Campaign Tracker
Men's Opinion -5 (-1FM)
Overall Commander Outlook Affable (+1 FM)-went up 1 for Battle 5, down 1 for Battle 6.

Not tracked

So on to turn 5, I rolled up a 6 so another Sturm Platoon (5), so positions are as follows at the beginning of turn 5.

Turn 5-German Force Position and Strength 
Sturm Platoon 1 unknown (11 dead)
Sturm Platoon 2 unknown (10 dead, 2 wounded)
Sturm Platoon 3 unknown
Sturm Platoon 4 unknown
Sturm Platoon 5 at Assembly Point A

Next game Monday.