31 May 2020

Tiny Planes

I finally got around to taking some photos of some 1/600 planes I have painted for my Early War North Africa project. The planes come from PicoArmor and Tumbling Dice. The PicoArmor planes were much nicer than I thought they would be, the photos on the website do not do them justice. The Tumbling Dice were nice but I bought over almost 200 planes from them and they were in unlabelled bags with no identification. This was a special pain as I am completely new to this area and it took several hours to get things sorted. The Pico Armor planes were beautifully packaged.

I bought a campaign booklet from Chris Stoesen called the Falcon and the Gladiator which has an encapsulated history of the war in 1940-41 between the RAF and the Regio Aeronautica It also has excellent orders of battle, as well as a campaign system for Bag the Hun or Check Your Six.

I thought I would paint planes in order of the campaign, but the PA planes came much before the TD ones, so the RAF Lysanders and the Wellington bombers got painted first. Sorry about the quality of the photography, I usually do not photograph with shadow but I sort of liked the look.

Westland Lysander
Vickers Wellington
Tumbling Dice
Bristol Blenheim
The 2 in the dessert camo are Mk IF
Fiat CR-32
Maybe a little easier to see!
Well there is a lot more planes to paint but I should have some 18th century sailing ships up next.


  1. That's quite a collection..super paintwork!

  2. They're nicely done. An interesting scale.

  3. Very tempted to get into something like this, perhaps try Bag the Hun. The price of entry is very low and the aircraft look great. Where did you get the hexagonal game mat?

    1. Hi Mark, it is a vinyl banner from Vistaprint, I believe this is a Dutch company but they have offices in the US. Around $60US but cheaper if you wait for sales. Excellent quality, PY Troel has placed many photos with the hexes on them on the BtH FB page. I know you are in Australia, but they may have similar in the antipodes!

    2. and indeed they do https://www.vistaprint.com.au/signs-posters/banners?xnid=TopNav_Vinyl+Banners_Banners_Banners+and+Signs&xnav=TopNav