02 May 2020

More Solo M&T

I had another go at the rules over the last 2 days and was able to finish a 250 pt per side scenario in less then a couple of hours.

The Dastardly Brits
Major Joseph Gorham
Gorham's Rangers (6)
Dank's Rangers (6)
Roger's Rangers (6)
British Infantry (8) 

Les Canadiens
Wawanaloath-Abenaki Sachem
Abenaki Braves (6) x2
Coureurs des Bois (4) x 2

Wawanaloath with his braves as well as the coureurs des bois have been tasked to explore an area of deep forest, there is very little visibility, they want to avoid contact with any enemy units. Unbeknownst to them, a force of Rangers with some British regulars have been asked to indetify and  then sabotage the enemy lines of supply.

The table was set up using the scenario set up rules in the Redcoats and Tomahawks source book (Exploration/Sabotage). The attacker was rolled for and the deployment points were placed. Essentially 2 per side on opposite edges of the table. I put these down blindly. The Brits had to take the 2 Abenaki deployment points while attacking Abenaki have to withdraw at least half their figures from the table at their exit points. These are placed once all units from both sides are on the table.
Table, north to the top, the Brit's entry points are to the south and west.
All figures on in first 6 cards!
Les coureurs des bois and Abenaki coming from the east....
.....and the north
The British infantry and Rangers from the east.....
.....and the south, as you can see per scenario rules the withdrawal points have been placed.
Nothing like volley fire.
and their card comes up, 1 dead Abenaki
Midgame Overview
The Abenaki have cut to the south, while the CdB advance directly.

The Abenaki with their chief have made it to the exit, seconadary to clever use of their command points...

Final Actions
....and to the south, half units off table so victory to the Abenaki
Since the game was over quickly, I decided to continue with the CdB.
To avoid the volley fire they decide to attack the Rangers, but the Rangers card comes up first.
As you can see the Rangers have also caught up with the CdB in the north, 6 to 2 in HtH.
The CdB have a distinct advantage in the dice roll, although they have 2 less figures, hitting on 4+ in HtH, while the Rangers hit on 6+. Here they manage to win.

I should mention when playing solo, I deal 3 cards to each side face down, I am blinded to these cards and just draw a card from the top starting with the attacker. If I happen up on a clock card it is placed to the side and I draw the next card from the that deck. Once one 3 card deck is exhausted, I add 3 cards to it. Otherwise all rules stand.

Well another fun game, but I think it would be better to play with some larger forces. I have loaded the shopping cart at Warlord Games; lot of nice figures out there but I think if what I want is available from Conquest Miniatures, I will continue to go with them......I just have to push the buy button.

I am enjoying the solo wargaming but I do look forward to actually playing a game with an opponent.

Here is an excellent introduction to the ruleset. 


  1. Push the button said the devil ;) nice AAR again.

  2. Splendid and very atmospheric!

  3. A great report nice to see how the solo elements played out.

  4. Nice John, not sure whether to invest in the second edition, I have the first but no troops for it, plenty lovely ones at the club.