16 May 2020

Macchis for Beakfast

We played our 8th game of Bag the Hun by Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic last Monday night. This was the 2nd game in the Hal Far mini-campaign  from the TFL specials. I have a pretty good handle on the rules now and we were able to get 8 turns in over Zoom. 

This game saw the Italians springing an attack on 3 sections of Hawker Hurricanes (7 planes) who are being distracted by their attack on 5 Mc200 Saetta's. The sun is shining from the southeast and the 3 sections of Hurricanes are entering from the west at altitude 4 in astern formation, the squadriglia of Saettas are at altitude 3 in echelon. Two squadriglia of Folgore (5 planes) enter as 9 bogies from the south at altitude 5 on turn 3.

Victory points were given for destroyed, damaged and driven off planes. In this game I again played the Italians. I tried to protect my bogies as long as I could but they were spotted in turns 3 and 4, so it was then a game of maneuver. I believe the dice and the card order favoured me in this game (although I had 2 gun jams) and I was able to destroy 2 hurricanes and damage 3 for 9 points, P-Y was only able to get some firing in on the 8th turn and was able to destroy one of of the Folgores for 3 points, it was almost midnight so we called it an Italian victory.

Our next game will be the final in this mini campaign called Special Delivery, and we will see some Blenheim bombers. Not sure yet when we will play as I am working Monday evening but I am sure we will fit it in next week.