06 May 2020

Bag the Hun: Hal Far

This past Monday myself and Pierre-Yves switched our gaming from the English Channel (peut-être, Pierre-Yves que utiliserait la mance) to the straits of Malta in late 1941. We found a nice 3 part series of scenarios in one of the TFL specials called Hal Far. We started with the Lightning Strike scenario, here we see two 4 plane squadrons of British engage three 2 plane squadrons of Italians.

What was especially cool was that we had some new aircraft on the table with the Brits having Hurricane MkIIb's while the Italians were flying in Mc 202 Folgore's. The Brits had a slight advantage in experience with 2 Junior Aces while the Italians only had one. The Hurricanes certainly had more firepower but the Folgores had an altitude advantage.

The scenario was a pure aerial encounter with points awarded for destroyed, damaged and driven off aircraft. The Italians entered from the west on turn 2 as bogies (Alt6) while the British were flying from the north (Alt4) and entered on turn 1 and thus were already identified.

Here are some photos, P-Y printed out some directional markers to make wargaming a little easier from a distance, as you can see they worked well.
I will not bother to write an actual report but it was a good British victory 9 points to 6 after 5 turns, I had played the Italians and although having not the best luck in the card draw, I really should of taken advantage of the fact that I entered as bogies, I allowed the Folgores to be spotted too early thus losing the advantage. It was a great game though with lots of air maneuver and dogfights. Two Italian planes were destroyed, while the Brits lost one plane. I really had fun with this game, we are planning to game again next Monday and I think it will be Macchis for Breakfast.


  1. This game is on my to do list which I will hopefully get around to one day. Battle of Britain is on the box this afternoon so will be watching.