29 April 2020

Muskets and Tomahawks v2

Next up in my solo wargaming adventures is a test of Muskets and Tomahawks version 2. I received this ruleset with it's companion source book for the North American wars (FIW, AWI, 1812) about 6 weeks ago. I have been looking forward to it for some time, I like M&T v1, it is my choice over the other 2 rulesets I have played: This Very Ground (nice but maybe a little too simplistic for me in respect to C and C) and Sharp Practice 2 (I am a big TFL fan but I just find this ruleset a little too clunky for me and boring to play). 
One can find numerous reviews online as well as on YouTube and the rules have been generally well received, some complaints about the editing but that is about it. You can find the Facebook group here. As previously noted I think of the FIW in terms of small skirmishes set in a winter wilderness.
I was a little challenged to put together two opposing forces as I have a British force only, but with a bit of work I was able to assemble two 250 point forces as follows:

The Dastardly Brits
Major Joseph Gorham
Gorham's Rangers (6)
Dank's Rangers (6)
Roger's Rangers (6)
British Infantry (8) 

Les Canadiens
Wawanaloath-Abenaki Sachem
Abenaki Braves (4) x 3
Milice canadien (4) x 2
Père Latrout
Civilians (4) x 2

So I thought a nice little scenario would be an attack on a small religious community somewhere on the Quebec border with New Hampshire. The community is small and led by Père Latrout, they have a small sheep farm, there are 2 lay brothers and 6 civilians. They have no weapons aside from their agricultural tools and their belief in God. There is news of an attack by a Ranger force accompanied by some regular British infantry. Word of the attack has reached a local Abenaki sachem who hurries to the community with 12 of his elite warriors and 8 local militia.

The table was set up using the scenario set up rules in the Redcoats and Tomahawks source book (Capture/Evacuation). The set up is below.
The rangers enter at by the river (the west), les canadiens have 2 deployment points, one in the centre and to the east.
The Rangers advance......
.......soon joined by the regulars
Roger's rangers retreat from the Abenaki muskets
Missed taking photos as usual, the civilians have retreated behind the building, they have an exit to the south and to the west, the west looks to be a better option. The Abenaki have retreated north while one unit of milice has been wiped out.
The Abenaki have now fled to the north in an attempt to protect the civilians retreat. The remaining unit of milice is approaching from the south east to attack the Brits from the rear.
Another unit of Rangers is taken out but the infantry are advancing, three of the civilians have been killed in the crossfire. Père Latrout is stuck behind the cabin with the 4 remaining civilians.
The infantry unleash a volley on a unit of Abenaki....all dead. A canadien morale card come up, the civilians are all slaughtered.....a Ranger victory!
Les morts
Well, I have to say that this is a great set of rules. I had 2 goes at this scenario, I realised I was missing a couple of things and asked some questions on the FB group, I then replayed it and easily completed the game in 2 hours with these small forces. Once you get the hang of how the mechanics work things go quickly. 

Another winner from Studio Tomahawk!

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  1. Great Batrep and inspiration to prep the French I have just received from AW Miniatures for this period.

    Thanks, Ross