08 April 2020

First Round of the Finest Hour: A Bag the Hun Campaign

We had our first round of play of the Finest Hour Bag the Hun campaign on Monday night. Still ironing out the kinks of our Tele-gaming setup but we got in 6 sorties (one was autoplayed)  and we had a lot of fun. Planning our next round this Friday. We both focused on maneuver in these sorties, so there was very little combat. I suspect this will be quite hard to read.
Pierre-Yves has really done quite a brilliant job with automating a lot of the book-keeping for the campaign. A blank campaign editor can be found here and a squadron editor here. As you can see these are very useful, and here you can find an auto-play version of the campaign where several week have gone by, it is very useful as you get a sense of what maybe coming up and of course what models you may need.
Of note is the fact that we are alternating sides for each sortie, this has worked well. I have ordered all the planes, mat and flight stands that I need for the Falcon and the Gladiator North African EW project, only Commonwealth and Regia Aeronautica planes as the Luftwaffe has yet to arrive, there will be lots of cool biplanes so I am pretty excited.

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  1. Hi, absolutely brilliant, you mention a campaign editor, was it intended that we could input different Campaign details , Or just what had been pre-populated? I too am keen to build a North African version of this.