16 April 2020

Finest Hour-Round 2

We played our second sortie from the Finest Hour over 2 nights, finishing up this past Tuesday. Pierre-Yves put together a great video  detailing the action.
I think it was a lot of work to do this as the game was over 3 hours but it really is well done. I also took some screen shots while we were playing so you get a closer look at some of the planes.
The pale green hex indicates that the Spitfire is on the tail of the BF110
Classic Vic formation for Spitfires (green), Classic Schwarm formation for the BF110's (blue) and the the other schwarm  is in a 2 Pair formation (red)
This ruleset is really lending itself to video wargaming and we are progressing through the campaign, we played the next sortie this past Tuesday and our next game is scheduled for Sunday night.

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