15 April 2020


I recently finished painting my second force for the Studio Tomahawk game Congo. I had yet to play but over the last couple of days I have had a chance to look through the book. After a good look, it was apparent that this might be a good game for solo wargaming. The game is card driven, but using the option confusion you can blind your choice of activation card.

I picked two 70 point forces, one from the White Man Expeditions and the other from the African Kingdoms. The scenario had a group from each side holding a hostage and negotiating at a sacred area in the middle of the table. Simply put the story narrated that the negotiations would break down and each group would try to escape with their hostage off their respective table edges on the long axis of the table.

Original positions; essentially the Explorers group on the right has to exit the table towards the left and and the African Kingdoms to the right. Each side's groups were positioned about the table not closer than M to the sacred rock and M to each other. It worked well.
Opposing groups with their hostages.
The Expeditions group sent in their Trained Askaris to negotiate, they are holding the African King's daughter. The African King is hoping to exchange Father Marcellin for her.
Expedition's Ruga-Ruga
African King's Askaris, the only musket armed group he has.
Young Warriors lead by the King
Fanatical Warriors
Explorer's Askaris
The Explorer with his Young Warriors
Late action with the Explorer's racing to get off the table, with both Father Marcellin and the Princess
Well, I really enjoyed the game, it is quite simple and for solo wargaming it really worked well. I played a full 6 turns in a couple of hours, the card system went well. I am sure I made lots of mistakes but the mechanics are fairly simple with good explanations in the book. I think I might play another adventure today!


  1. I really like Congo, we have had some very fun games.

  2. Not even heard of this game - looks interesting!

  3. Congo is a lot of fun, thanks for showing it works for solo as well!