05 November 2019

3D Prints-Houses from 3D Print Terrain

Well it has been a busy month, but I have printed up quite a bit of terrain. You can of course print faster then you can paint so about a week ago, I told myself to stop printing. I like paint terrain more than figures so this was ok. 

As I noted in a previous post, I had sold some of my terrain for 1/72 WWII gaming because I felt the buildings were out of scale. I felt I needed to quickly get the available terrain elements back in stock quickly so off I went.

Almost all these prints are from Najewitz Modelling, and they are of excellent quality. I believe all these prints are from the Normandy and ACW sets. They are all nicely modelled and print well, I actually printed all these models at low resolution and they came out well aside from some of the windows. Early on I had problems with adhesion and stringing as you can see but with experience the prints improved.

A couple of in town buildings, there are 6 different residential buildings in the set plus some destroyed buildings. They come in 2 versions, one version gives you the ability to print each floor or you can print the whole building and use a floor insert. The one on the left is the 2 floor version. I would recommend the printing the whole building for wargaming. You can also print a dormered roof or not.
Here is the Farm set, with the main building a shed as well as a little outhouse and a attached piggery. An early print that gave me no end of trouble with adhesion  and the 2nd story came out with an uneven base which I had to build up with wood filler.
This is the rural Garage set. The windows especially on the 1st floor are messed up, I will probably just cut them out. The garage part comes in 2 pieces and the peice with the big door certainly can also be used on the farm.
I have not painted up the gas pumps yet, and I plan to but the whole complex on a base.
Also in the set are 3 different types of high walls as well as a gate piece. I was originally reluctant to use these but you can never have enough walls and I have found when setting up a game I always have need of one more piece. I have just got tired of buying more and walls. I have not measured their height but I suspect they are well over 30mm. The corner pieces are short pieces glued at right angles. I drilled tiny 3mm wholes in each end and glued in tiny rare earth magnets, getting the polarity right took some care but now I can assemble a very long wall without it coming apart. There is 10 feet of walls above and as you can see you can print a destroyed piece as well. Using the short 3" pieces it would be very easy to print up the 2 pieces and cut them at any angle as needed for a game. I have not finished painting these as I am unsure if I want to go brown-white or grey white for the last dry brush. I may also experiment with scaling them down for low stone walls. I should say that at this scale each 6" piece takes less then 2 hours to print at 0.26 with a 15% infill with about 20-25g of PLA needed. Very economical indeed.

I placed a Sarissa Precision 1/72 house in the middle, pretty well exact scale!

15mm buildings for ACW, the Dunker Church on the left
The funny house on the right was built of wood PLA. Amazing stuff.
That is it for now, very happy overall. Going to look at some AFV's now as well as some STL files for a completely new avenue of gaming that I am pursuing. 


  1. Nice results. I'm certainly going to buy a 3D printer when funds permit.

  2. They look brilliant John. One day when I'm old and grey I'm gonna own a 3D printer too..........

  3. Nice collection of building and plenty of character.
    cheers John

  4. They look good! I've been doing some of the same prints that I will be publishing soon. The printing usually goes well except the roofs which fail at times and have to re print.


  5. Wow, great looking buildings John, no doubt!

  6. I like the files you can get from Najewitz and have a fair number myself. Now that I've got my printer actually working it's amazing what you can accomplish with these things. I'm still struggling with making 3d designs myself but that's likely due to my being inept - I'm sure the light bulb will go off eventually

  7. Wonderful painting on your buildings John, they look superb.
    I have a feeling I am going to get left behind with all this technology being the old dinosaur that I am.

  8. Welcome to the 3d printing addiction. I have a stack of printed buildings to part. The WOW WW2 series by Paul Deeming is very nice.

  9. Great work John, well done.