31 October 2019

All American-Turn 5

After 4th turn

German Platoon: Unlimited platoons so not tracked
American Platoon 1: 3 dead.
American Platoon 2: 6 dead, 4 wounded (1 SL 6"CR w/2CI) 
American Platoon 3: intact

We got our 5th game in last Friday night. We again played on table 3, probably the toughest table for the German attackers. I had won the last game so I knew that Pierre Yves was determined to win. For the Germans to win they have to capture table 4 in 7 campaign turns. I decided to go with my 2nd platoon, the Germans have a fresh platoon each turn. I was +1 on supports and P-Y was +1 on the FM roll.


82nd Airborne 3 Platoon (FM 9)
Core (Elite 5+1)
SLx2 (carbine and SMG)
Bazooka Team
Squads 1 (JL/SMG, M1919 LMG Team/3 crew, Rifle Team/8 men)
Squads 2 (JL/SMG, M1919 LMG Team/3 crew, Rifle Team/5 men)
Supports (7)
MMG Team
2 Entrenchments

Grenadier Platoon (FM 10)
Core (Regular 5)
Panzerschreck Team 
Squads x 3 (JL/SMG, LMG Team/3Crew, Rifle Team/6 men)
Supports (13) 
Hotchkiss H35
Renault R35
FO w/ 8cm OTM
Wild Card-Armoured Fist-Panzer IIIG

I think P-Y won the Patrol Phase as you can see from the below JOP placements.
American JOP's
German JOP's, the one on their left flank looks ominous!
I ambushed the PzIII from behind and missed!
An inventive method to lay down a barrage.
I got the PzIII but played it wrong forgetting that there should be no infantry within 6"
So what happened. The Germans started their advance with 2 AFV's with 2 infantry squads  following them, They swung  the 3rd squad off to their left flank, crossing the flooded fields. They then laid down their barrage. To counter this I placed 1 squad behind the above stone wall with their 5cm mortar team and a SL. I had placed squad 2 in the house ready to strafe the road if the Germans got over the bridge. At the same time I accumulated CoC die in order to ambush the AFV's thus blocking the bridge. I was able to cause considerable damage on the 2 German squads behind the tanks with very little resulting damage to myself. I got the German FM down to 5 while I was still at 8. I think I had killed 5-6 Germans without any loss to myself. By now however the barrage was creeping to the German right. My men in the house started to take some hits, but no damage. The Germans were very close to taking my right flank JOP. As you can see the barrage was about to come down on my troops in the open. I felt the table was lost, but I was in a good position for the post game process so I withdrew. A German victory, on to table 4.

Post-game Campaign Process

After 5th turn
German Platoon: Unlimited platoons so not tracked
American Platoon 1: 3 dead.
American Platoon 2: 6 dead, 4 wounded (1 SL 6"CR w/2CI) 
American Platoon 3: intact

Campaign Tracker
Commander's Opinion +3 (+1 Support)
Men's Opinion -1
Platoon Leaders's Outlook: Sociable (+1FM)
Commander's Opinion +5 (+1 Support)
Men's Opinion 0
Platoon Leaders's Outlook: Thoughtful

A well earned German victory. On to table 4, it is going to be tricky. I have to win both games, we have both used our best Wild Cards. There is minimal support for each side on table 4. We are both +1 on support rolls.  Thankfully, I will have 2 largely intact platoons. Let us hope for the best. We should be able to get both games (if indeed there are 2) in within the next 3 weeks as I am in Montreal on the 3rd week of November.


  1. Thanks for sharing that one. A brief encounter, but hard for the opponent against that much armour.

  2. Great looking game and as Doug says very brief and bloody šŸŽƒ

  3. lovely gaming table John , nice Barrage marker as well, nice AAR, unlucky with the rear shot at the Panzer III.
    cheers John