29 October 2019


Had another game of SAGA set in the Age of Crusades a L'Abyss last Saturday in Montreal. My opponent was again Luis F. This time he played the Spanish BB while I played the Moors. These are both shooting factions which benefit from being mounted. We again decided to go with the Book of Battles. Luis had printed out the downloadble card set from the Studio Tomahawk forum, so we randomily picked a card from each of the 5 criteria. This turned out to be a bit of a challenge as the cards where in French in which I am extremely limited and while Luis's English is very good a lot of the words used were quite technical so somewhat difficult for him to translate into English. After a bit of back and forth though we came up with the below setup.

Game Set-up (BoB Chaos)

Scenery-Bleak Moor
Special Rule-Forced March
Victory Conditions-Subjugation
Game Length-Pitched Battle

The Spanish (6 SAGA Dice)

Mounted Warlord
2 units of Mounted Hearthguard
1 unit of javelin armed Mounted Warriors
1 unit of javelin armed Mounted Warriors
1 unit of javelin armed Warriors
1 unit of Bow armed Levy

Moors (7 SAGA Dice)

Mounted Hero (2)
The Black Guard (2)
1 unit of javelin armed Mounted Hearthguard
1 unit of  javelin armed Mounted Warriors
1 unit of Bow armed Levy

Some photos:
Luis has that determined look!
A double ronged attack by my Warriors and Hearthguard
Quite a bit of attrition, with about equal losses on both sides. Unfortunately I exposed my Hero Warlord who ended up being exhausted going into my last turn. He did not die but he was of little utility in the turn.
Nothing like seeing my Levy being crushed by a double sized unit of Spanish Hearthguard.
It is interesting that both our games have been limited to 5 turns with the first 2 turns having movement limited to short. I was the first player in this game which is a bit of a disadvantage I think as Luis had the last move. The fact that most of our troops were mounted made the last 2 turns particularily bloody as we had muliple melees. I thought I was done for after I finished my 5th turn but as it turned out it ended up being a 18-18 tie! 

Another really enjoyable game with Luis who is great to game with, I will be back in Montreal in 3 weeks so I hope to get in another game then.
L'Abyss is a good gaming space. Has a lot of Fantasy figures, as well as a lot of Warlord and GW product. Well supplied with modelling and painting supplies.
As you can see there are plenty of tables and a great selection of boards, mats and terrain for the players to utilize. There was a large Age of Sigmar tournament going on Saturday but I took the photo during the break.


  1. Hello John,
    Luis and I are good friends - I pained his Vikings and some Normans :-)

    I see you do a lot of Napoleonics, would you be interested in some books on Napoleon as one of our gamers has downsized and is giving away a lot of books

    1. Thanks Graham, I am so stuck for space, I will have to decline but I appreciate the offer.

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