09 October 2019

All American-Turn 4

Last Saturday, we played our 4th game in our All American campaign at Pierre-Yves in Lachine. P-Y had won the last 2 games, so I had to be on my toes for this one. This was scenario 3 from the campaign booklet where the Germans have to attack across a causeway into the outskirts of La Fière. This is played as the Attack on an Objective scenario from the main rulebook. There were some special rules, the Americans get a free ambush point underneath the bridge crossing the river and start with a loaded CoC die. It did look pretty tough for the Germans. As you can see from the photos below, P-Y laid out an absolutely stunning terrain.

After 3 turns
German Platoon: Unlimited platoons so not tracked
American Platoon 1: 3 dead.
American Platoon 2: 6 dead, 4 wounded, SL1 6"CR, 2CI
American Platoon 3: Intact


82nd Airborne 3 Platoon (FM 11)
Core (Elite 5+1)
SLx2 (carbine and SMG)
Bazooka Team
Squads x 2 (JL/SMG, M1919 LMG Team/3 crew, Rifle Team/8 men)
Supports (6)
MMG Team
2 Entrenchments
Wild Card: Heavy Hitter (M1 ATG)

Grenadier Platoon (FM 10)
Core (Regular 5)
Panzerschreck Team 
Squads x 3 (JL/SMG, LMG Team/3Crew, Rifle Team/6 men)
Supports (13) 
Panzer IIIG
Renault R35
FO w/ 8cm OTM

Germans are attacking from left
German Approach
P-Y constructed this bridge-terrific job
American Side
Patrol Phase and JOP's

We used 3 Patrol Markers each, P-Y only got 2 free moves
German JOP's
America JOP's, the 4th is in the house to the bottom right


As usual I forgot to take photos, I had thought I had taken more but all I could find was 3. It was a pretty even game in respect to double phases and luck with the dice. I think the Germans have a quite a tough time of it is in this game. P-y's plan was a good one. He had taken a off-table mortar which he quickly laid down just on the American side of the bridge. Before that he had put one squad in the road on overwatch with the FO as well as the Renault tanklet. I could not resist putting down my MMG team on my left flank behind a stone wall in heavy cover, they were at close range and firing 10d6. I did cause a couple of kills but the overwatch fire back was devastating as I had 3 men killed and I ended up pinned. Down came the Mortar Barrage and they broke. One FM point down! More below.....
The unlucky or maybe foolhardy MMG team....
.....who broke
I will continue the story here. P-Y placed 2 squads on the road with a plan to advance. I decided to wait until I got a good chance to end the Barrage, I did start with a CoC dice and was able to fairly quickly get a 2nd one but not before the Germans had acquired one. P-Y had laid down the barrage to the right of the road on the far side of the river. This allowed me to put a LMG team in an entrenchment on the road with the rifle team behind the hedge. I was also able to put down a SL and the 60mm Mortar team on my right flank next to the rifle team. Timing was everything here as I had to get the Mortar lifted before it could start to creep to the German left. I got my 2nd CoC dice and then got a double phase. I ended the barrage, P-Y kept it going but on the next phase I ended the turn and caught the German squad at close range. They broke falling back and at the same time interpenetrated the squad behind them causing 6 shock. The Germans gamely fought back but by now their FM was down to 4. It was clear that their attack had failed and they withdrew.
Post-game Campaign Process

After 4th turn
German Platoon: Unlimited platoons so not tracked
American Platoon 1: 3 dead.
American Platoon 2: 6 dead, 4 wounded (1 SL 6"CR w/2CI) 
American Platoon 3: intact

Campaign Tracker
Commander's Opinion +1 
Men's Opinion 0
Platoon Leaders's Outlook: Sociable (+1FM)
Commander's Opinion +4 (+1 Support)
Men's Opinion -2
Platoon Leaders's Outlook: Content

It was a good game, we are playing turn 5 on the 25th of October (need to get out of Salem for Halloween  it is getting crazy here). I am curious to see what P-Y's plan is for his 2nd assault attempt.


  1. Stunning pictures my friend, sounds great!

  2. Beautiful table, very French, those barrages are dangerous.

  3. Lovely table and also agree with the power of a Barrage.
    cheers John

  4. Sounds like a great game. Playing on such a nice table make a whole lot of difference.

  5. I have to agree, a really gorgeous set up, John!

  6. How you did everything qualitatively and believably. The photos are very interesting.
    Youself-improvement had a great desire to make such a layout. Everything to the smallest detail is very beautiful.