12 August 2019

Von Luck-Turn 5-The Church on the Flank

We played our 5th turn in the Von Luck campaign this past Saturday, this is the 4th table of 5 and I had yet to gain a victory. I withdrew from the 1st table immediately as hardly any paratroopers had shown up from their drop points and lost table 2 and 3. I was able to initiate a Naval Bombardment at the beginning of Turn 3, so this was our 5th turn but really 3rd game. Mike decided to bring in his 1st platoon again and I had a completely new platoon which was for this scenario only.

Situation Post Turn 4
Platoon 1: Brits 9 dead, 3 missing for next game
Platoon 1: Germans 1 dead, 1 missing for next game
Brits: CO -1, MO -1, PLO Happy
Germans: CO +5, MO +8 PLO Affable

British Paratroopers (FM 11)
Fresh Paratrooper Platoon
3 Supports
2" Mortar Team

German Panzergrenadiers (FM 11)
#1 Panzergrenadier Platoon (-2 men)
14 Supports
Lorraine Schlepper

So on to the game:

The table from the British end
Patrol Markers and JOP's
Mike brought on the Schleper, an FO as well as a SL with a PG squad in the upper right hand corner of the table in the first couple of phases. I held off for quite a bit as he bombardered the church and eventually destroying it. I did bring on two 2" mortar teams to lay down some smoke. They really had a problem with accuracy and even when smoke was laid down Mike would just move it so it could re-aim. Mike also broughton a barrage pretty quickly covering two of my JOP's. I then got sorely tempted by a squad he placed on his right flank and carefully brought on 2 sections one in the churchyard and one behind a hedge. I was able to kll 3 of his men but as things went the creeping barrage started to creep. I had by now lost one of my 2" Mortars to the HE from the Schelper and was startinto take some morale hits........

.........I then foolish brought on my 3rd section to take out the German squad in the open after ending the turn,thus removing the smoke and all markers (but not unfortunately the barrage as Mike had plenty of CoC dice). I was quite unsucessful and coupled with the fact that I forgot that I even had Snipers available until near the end of the game, things started to go downhill. By then the barrage had crept over 2 sections, the church and one building had been destroyed taking the 2 snipers with it and my 3rd section had routed from the 13d6HE the Schlepher puts out. Morale plummetting, it was time to withdraw. In retrospect I really played this one poorly and deserved to lose!
So another British Loss, now really quite hopeless as I have to win 3 games in a row on the last table to prevent the Germans taking Table 5 in 8 turns. This is made all the worse by the lack of clarity in the ruleset in respect to using snipers and open topped Armoured vehicles.

Situation Post Turn 5
British Platoon 1: 9 dead
British Platoon 2: na
British Platoon 3:  Intact
German Platoon 1: Germans 1 dead next game
German Platoons 2,3: Intact
Command Status
Brits: CO -1, MO -3, PLO Affable
Germans: CO +7, MO +10 PLO Affable
Brits: 0 Supports, 0 FM
Germans: +2 Supports, +4 FM, SL 4CI 12"CR


  1. To be fair to you that Schlepper is a killer weapon. All the Germans have to do is sit back and blast everything in sight. I believe the Germans have two available for the von Luck campaign.

    1. Yep they are tricky and Mike has 20 support points in our next game and I may see two!

  2. Very much enjoying this reports John and they are inspiring me to keep my own campaign for CoC going as well. I need to buy a Schlepper for the armoury as well!

    1. I am just painting up a similar weapon a Bison for early war.

  3. Following this with interest John. I have this campaign but I do wonder about the 'fun' element, much like the initial game in Op Martlet.

  4. Great stuff John. Hope you are having a great summer!

  5. Following your AAR, seems like a difficult and frustrating campaign for the British paras.
    cheers John

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