23 August 2019

Now for some Terrain

After painting 20 AB figures for the last couple of months, I needed a bit of a break, so in the past couple of days I painted up some terrain. Our next game in the Von Luck campaign require a lot of high stone walls. In CoC speak these are 10-12' high and are treated as major obstacles. So for 20mm figures, I needed something around 40mm high. I had some Mediterranean walls from Brigade Games on hand, and although 28mm scale they were exactly 40mm high so I said why not. We are also of course talking about France but again it is difficult to get everything perfect. I liked how Rich Clarke had painted walls in his recent Blacksmith Build, so I decided to try to copy it.
Rustoleum Espresso: 50:50 Mixture of Yellow Oxide-Raw Umber: Yellow Oxide

Naples Yellow: 50:50 Mixture of Naples Yellow-Parchement: Parchement

Table 5 in Von Luck....
......forests not yet laid down
The Collection so far
Brick x 2 with Carroburg Crimson, Drybrush of Flat Red on tiles
Gate with Caliban Green, Drybrushed with warboss Green, washed with Camoshade
I realy enjoyed this project, I would like a few more straight sections so I will be contacting Brigade Games to see if this is possible, I really do not need any corners or gates.

I am off to Montreal this Tuesday, have my first game of SAGA planned there for many years. I linked up with a Montreal SAGA Facebook group and have arranged a game à Boutique de Jeux L'Abyss, this looks like quite a place so I am looking forward to seeing the shop and meeting some new players. On Wednesday, we are having our next turn in the All American CoC campaign, so lots of gaming. Maybe, I might be able to get in another SAGA game on Thursday.

I am playing a Saracen Warband in my first Age of Crusades SAGA game, taking on some Levantine Crusaders so it should be interesting.

My next project is something completely different, so stay tuned.