10 July 2019

Going with a Bang

We had a very close and exciting game on CoC Monday night in Montreal. My favourite scenario in the 1940 source book is Going with a Bang. It is challenging to blow the culverts. This was a pickup game, and as I played the attacker in the last game, I went with being the defender (Chasseur Ardennais) in this game.

Chasseur Ardennais 1 Platoon (FM 9)
GdC 1
GdC 2
DBT Lance Grenade Section
Demolition Team
CoC Dice
Supports (5)
2 Demolition Teams
Franc Tireurs
Red Dice

Schützen 2 Platoon (FM 9)
5cm Mortar Team
Squad 1
Squad 2
Squad 3
Supports (9)
Shabby Nazi Trick Jean Claude
Shabby Nazi Trick 5th Columnist
MMG Team
le.IG 18 IG

The Patrol Phase
I will not bother with an AR but will follow with a few photos taken when the game was over.
Charge set!
DBT Team
I was able to quickly weaken the le.18 IG
The German left flank
Almost broke!
The German line of attack
Troops are actually in the house.
The Belgian line of defense
It was a fun game, I made a big mistake exposing my 1st demolition team early in the game trying to take out the exposed culvert. The game then settled in, Pierre-Yves deployed all his squads early on in hard cover behind the wall. He set up a pretty good base of fire. I countered by placing my 2 large Group de Combats in the two houses on my flanks. I then placed my DBT section behind the hedge on my left flank. They wew pretty successful with throwing down smoke mortars.

It was an odd game in respect to dicing, the Chasseurs start with a CoC dice and I was able to accumulate a total of 3 CoC dice before the game ended. I never got a double phase but I believe P-Y had 3, my to hit dice were great but my save dice were awful. I thought I was done for after my 1st demo team was wiped out, but soon enough both our Force Morale's were down to 5 and I had an oportunity to Interupt several of the German phases. I could blow the ciulvert but German FM was 4, I used another Interupt to fire at a team in pinned in heavy cover, they were 6 men with 10 shock. The CdG fired with 16d6, one shock only. The Germans fired back at the DBT team which was supported by the SL, the JL already being killed. Multiple shock and kills, my SL was hit and wounded, the DBT section broke, my FM was down to 1. Time to call it a day, a German victory in one turn!

It was really a great game, and P-Y although new to the game is a great player. I will see if I can get my revenge on Saturday when we start the All American: The Battle for Fière campaign. I am playing the American paratroopers, should be fun.


  1. It looks like a difficult scenario for the defender to win.