12 July 2019

Attack of the Old Guard

We played another scenario from the 100 Days sourcebook for the Général d'Armée ruleset on Wednesday night. Again with Iannick, but I took the French this time and he played the Allies.

It is an intersting scenario as the both sides have already taken significant attrition, so enter the fray already wounded. Essentially both sides are weakened but the Prussians have arrived. Napoleon needs to make a decisive move to rapidily change the situation and snatch victory from defeat. He sends in the Old Guard against the British elite supported by their Brunswick and Dutch allies.

Some beer and pizza were had and the game commenced. We played for about 3 hours and got in 6 turns, unfortunately we were unable to come to a conclusion but I did take some photos the next morning to illustrate the game.
British Light Brigade
Action on the French left flank
Another angle of the same
The Old Guard attack on the British Guard Brigade


Never got to put  the reserve Old Guard Chasseur brigade in action

The Old Guard were on assault orders and my Guard Cavalry were already to charge the British guns.
Another unit of Guard Chasseurs ready to take the centre
I think I could have won in 2-3 turns, I had Halket's brigade which had just 2 small battalions with 14 casualties and had taken out one of the Brunswick battalions. With this and the threat I had placed on the British Guards brigade, I think I would have accomplished dispersal of 4 Allied Brigades and accomplished victory. But of course who knows!


  1. Looks like a good scrap. I bet the beer and pizza helped out!

  2. Some nice shots; too bad you couldn't finish it the next day!