19 July 2019

AoM: Refused Flank

Myself and Adam got in our second game of SAGA Age of Magic last night, but our first using sorcerers. We went with the same warbands as previous and both started with 7 SAGA Dice.

Game Set-up (BoB Chaos)

Scenery-Marshy Country
Deployment-Refused Flank (fighting along the long axis)
Special Rule-Fog (no L Shooting or Charges in first 3 turns)
Victory Conditions-Target (Massacre Points with bonus for killing target unit)
Game Length-Cautious (5 turns-opponent moves first)

The Great Kingdoms (7 SAGA Dice)

Captain (cost 6 Levies)
Paladin (cost 4 Warriors)
3 Hearthguard (half mounted)
2 spear-armed Warriors(-4)
2 bow-armed Levy (-6)
Sacred Ground-Memorial

Masters of the Under Earth (7 SAGA Dice)

Goblin King
Lieutenant (cost 2 Hearthguard)
3 heavy-weaponed Hearthguard-Grim Hammers (-2)
1 cross-bow armed Warriors-Uruk-hai
1 cross-bow armed Warriors-Moria Goblins (-2)
1 Destruction Team-Moria Goblins (cost 2 Warriors)
2 units of  Goblintown Levy
Sacred Ground-Underground Network

Initial Set Up
Masters of the Under Earth
The Great Kingdoms
Early use of Chasm to slow the GK advance
Sneaky Goblins have come through the Underground Network
This Paladin just would not fall
 It was a fun game and went quite smoothly, using spells was quite interesting and relatively easy. The fact that we got a combination of Fog and a 5 Turn game with two shooting armies really kept the attrition down, but I did ike out a Victory with the MaUE scoring 15 points to tthe GK's 9.


  1. Good Game John here is may take on the battle https://fencingfrog.blogspot.com/2019/07/saga-age-of-magic-great-kingdoms-vs.html

  2. I think Magic makes more "sense" in a semi skirmish setting like this than on a large battlefield.