26 May 2019

There are Many Rivers to Cross-Turn 2

Yesterday, myself and Greg got together at my place to play the next turn in our Belgian Invasion campaign from the TFL 2018 Annual. It had been 3 months since we played the last turn so it was time to get moving!

The next scenario was table 3 which is based on the Swift to Support scenario from the 1940 source book.  

We both decided not to rotate out our platoons so went with the surviving elements from our first game. We went through the pregame process and came up with the below starting forces.

Chasseur Ardennais Platoon (FM 10)
GdC 1: Missing 3 riflemen
GdC 2: Missing 3 riflemen
DBT Lance Grenade Section
CoC Dice
Supports (9)
Maxim MMG Team

Schützen Platoon (FM 11)
5cm Mortar Team
Squad 1
Squad 2
Squad 3: Missing 3 riflemen
Supports (15)
Fifth Columnist
Red Dice
MMG Team
Flamethrower Team
Schützen Squad

So off we went.......
The German approach
Patrol Markers with subsequent JOP's
I initially started my attack from my left flank. I placed a squad, MMG team and a SL here. This was not prudent as almost immediately my MMG got pinned and there only target was a CdG in hard cover. This was a losing battle.
The Belgian DBT gave me a lot of trouble, they were well back so were protected from anything I could launch at them. Most of their fireing was without LOS but their reducing cover to open resulted in a lot of casualties.

The main Belgian CdG unit in hard cover, I controlled them relatively well with almost continous covering fire but it was hard to cause loss with long range fire.
On my right flank I placed another SL, with a squad and a 5cm Mortar team.  Their target was the CdG in the light cover in the orchard.  A bit more success here.
The aforementioned CdG unit.
I decided that I needed a forward base so used a CoC dice to advance my rear most JOP forward, I had not done this before. It was effective but not withstanding the squad I placed here broke and I had to also withdraw the FT team as they were under heavy fire. I was waiting for a double phase so they could take out the troops behind the hard cover.
I sent in another squad to replace the breaking group with the left flank SL to help reduce shock.
They were able to pin the CdG in the light cover and with more fire they broke.
We were then at a bit of a stalemate but Greg, being the gentleman and tactician that he is, suggested that I advance a squad to take a JOP. By now the only Belgian squad that could see my right flank was the centre CdG in hard cover. They had taken lot of fire and were being worn down. I used my centre rifle team to lay down covering fire and in two bounds my right flank rifle team ran up and got within 4" of the Belgian JOP. At the same time 3 LMG teams and the MMG team where piling fire into the centre CdG unit, they were close to breaking. Greg withdrew. A German victory

The Summing Up

The ending force morale was 8 for the Germans and 6 for the Belgians. The Germans lost a JL and 5 riflemen while the Belgians lost 19 riflemen. So once we apply the post campaign process and the losses from turn 1 we have the following:

After 2 turns
Platoon 1: Germans 3 dead, 2 man missing the next turn. 1JL down 1CI (3" command range)
Platoon 1: Belgians 15 dead, 5 men missing the next turn.

Campaign Tracker
Commander's Opinion+2
Men's Opinion +1
Platoon Leaders's Outlook: Droll
Commander's Opinion-1
Men's Opinion -6 (-2FM, Sl 6" command range)
Platoon Leaders's Outlook: Sad
This was an interesting game. I definitely was very lucky in respect to command rolls with 7 double phases while Greg I believe only had 2. In dice rolling, we were about equal, earlier in the game Greg certainly had lady luck on his side but as the game went on I caught up. As I noted in my initial post, it was going to be a challenge for me as I am naturally a defender. Greg was a real gentleman yesterday in pointing out the maneuver that won me the game. I certainly have learned a lot about tactics from playing with Greg. It is interesting to me that it is really quite valuable to play with multiple different players as there are so many approaches to playing CoC.


  1. Looks very nice, lovely terrain, I do like your trees...

  2. Interesting game and nice AAR. From what I can work out using ATSE the Belgians should have lost 9 men permanently (50% of 19 fractions rounded down), 5 are wounded and will miss the next game and 5 return to duty immediately.

    1. Thanks but you are not taking into account that the Belgians already had 6 dead from the 1st action. So 6+9=15. I think I was rounding up for the missing. I will make the corrections. 15 dead and 5 missing. I think that platoon is probably done for anyway.

  3. A really interesting write up John of what is obviously a very good set of rules giving realistic results. I take it the figures are 1/72nd scale? I ask because I have some on order (Germans) to see how I find them, I think a good scale for WW2 gaming.

    1. Yes they are early war minaitures and PSC. I am in the process though of painting new forces for Brits and Germans from the AB 20mm line. CoC is a great set of rules.

  4. Good looking table, and an interesting action!