03 May 2019

SAGA- Meeting Encounter

Myself and Adam got together at the Hobby Bunker last night to have our first game of SAGA in more than a month. Holidays are nice but I miss my gaming. I stuck with my Skraelings and Adam decided to go with Vikings, a faction he has not played for some time.

Skraelings (5 SAGA Dice)
1 unit of Bow Armed Levy (12)
4 units of  Warriors (10,10,10,10)

Vikings (6 SAGA Dice)
Ragnar Lothbrook
Shieldmadens (6)
1 unit of Hearthguard (8)
2 units of Warriors (8,8) 

We used the chaos method of skirmish setup using the Book of Battles which resulted in the following:
Scenery-Rough Ground
Deployment-Meeting Encounter
Game Length-Pitched Battle
Special Rule-Forced March
Victory Conditions-Subjugation

Initial set up
Skraelings tightly packed
Shieldmaidens leading the charge for the Vikings
Despite having automatic light cover the Shieldmaidens are no match for an onslaught of arrows, javelins and tomahawks. They are rapidily taken down. To the left 2 units of Skraeling Warriors are trying to get to the rough ground as does a unit of Viking Warriors. To the upper right a unit of Viking Warriors as attacked a unit of Skraelings. Five dead aside!
Ragnar advances his Hearthguard, the Skraeling missles are somewhat successful, and a Skraeling Warrior band charges. They are thrown back and evade to the rough ground, but the mighty Hearthguard are down to 3.
The Vikings are looking pretty ragged but Ragnar being Ragnar attacks a unit of Skraeling Warriors, he defeats them but is exhausted, making him easy pickings for the Skraeling missles. Applying the Eagle Totem to the Skraeling levy appeared to be a more sucessful utilization of it than giving it to a Warrior unit.
The Skraeling Warlord surveys the field now absent of but 2 Vikings.
So a massive Skraeling Victory of 34 to 14 massacre points. It is not often that I get such a significant victory playing Adam, he is a very wily opponent. I believe the dice probably favoured me and the Viking BB is new to Adam. I also believe that I am getting the measure of the Skraeling BB and am finally figuring out how to use javelin armed troops.

I have a really busy 2 weeks of gaming coming up with me being off to Montreal on Monday. I have a CoC game planned for Tuesday, a GdA planned for Wednesday; Saturday back to MA for a CoC game to continue the Too Many Rivers campaign, Monday week hopefully the restart of the CoC Von Luck campaign and then the next Friday off to Portland for Huzzah.


  1. The gaming life! Good looking game. Once Adam parks a couple of dice in "Odin"each turn, it'll slow the Skraelings down. :-)

    1. I did but it only stops one unit a turn. Also my Saga Dice stop showing the right cobinations. I mean 4 rares are nice but they don't get you Odin.

    2. I know this pain. I tried an all warrior build of Welsh against my Viking buddy. I had two turns without any commons! Hard to do anything when the saga gods give you a kick like that.

  2. I like the look of the terrain and mat.

  3. Great looking game John! Looks like you have a full suite of gaming ahead of you - lucky boy. :)