19 May 2019

Huzzah 2019

This past weekend Huzzah, the once a year con put on by MHWGA took place. It is usually held in Portland, ME and appears to be generally well attended. It is the only con, I have ever gone to and have gone 4 out of the past 5 years. I was a little disapointed this year as there was only 4 TFL games and I was only able to sign up for two as they are quite popular. I decided to just drive up each day rather than stay the night, it is only 90 minutes and a pleasant drive. There were several nice looking games but of course, I only photographed a few.

Day 1
This was a lovely looking Victoria Pulp Horror game set in the jungle. Very nice looking figures as well, apparently some dinosuars were attacking a German explorers camp but they are not there yet.
Dracula in America, again quite nice.
I forgot what this one was.
My friend Mike's SP2 game which I believe was filled within a couple of hours.
Looks like some Spaniards
Quite a firing line.
Flint and Feather

This is the game I played on Friday afternoon, I have been curious about these rules for sometime. A skirmish set set in the period before European exploration of North America. The game is put out by Crucible Crush, a British Columbian gaming company. They have some absolutely stunning figures as you will see below. Exactly in scale with Conquest Miniatures from where I obtained my FIW figures. They are quite an eclectic company with 28mm figures foe WW2, Cthulhu (very nice deep ones) as well as the Flint and Feather line which includes various mythical creatures including the Windego.

I had quite a lot of fun with the game, myself and my friend Adam teamed up against 2 other guys. Beautiful terrain as you can see as well as great looking figures. I would play again and will probably buy the rulebook. The guy who ran the game said they are quite well supported by the rules writer.....and we won!



Day 2

I got there a little late on Saturday so did not get a lot of photos taken as I had some purchases to make and some people to chat with. The game below did catch my eye though. It is the main square of Florence during the time of the Medici and the game was set around the Pazzi Conspiracy. How cool is that! The game was put on by Rich Clayton, the president of the Boston Trained Bands gaming club. Really a great looking terrain and the buildings are all from TTCombat, which was great for me as they are the buildings I plan to use if I ever get my Carnevale Venice table off the gound. I took a lot of photos.
Chain of Command

Of course the main event for me was  the CoC game I was signed up for. The game was put on by Dick Bryant, one of the fathers of miniature wargaming in the northeast. We played an Attack and Defend scenario with an American Armoured Rifle platoon attacking a village held by a unit of Panzergrenadiers. Three aside, I played with 2 of my regular gaming friends, Tom was the American platoon leader (I was one of the squad leaders) taking on Mike who was the German PzG platoon leader. I had not played the Americans much and these guys had no BAR's! We did make good use of the 50cal HMG though and with this we were able to defeat the PzG's, I think by 6FM. It was a fun game and Dick did a great job. I believe we were all quite familar with the rules and that must me a challenge for the gamesmaster.
Dick telling Mike on how he wanted the JOP's placed!
My squad of Americans
Well placed PzG's.
Lots of fireing across the field
Well I had a good time and I think next year we will try to emulate other North American lardies and  and put on several TFL games.


  1. Thanks for the kind words John. It was a real joy putting on this game as all the gamers were very experienced. My job was essentially over after I put down the terrain! My problem with the JOPs was that I had gone thru great effort to come up with a scheme to speed up the PM and JOP game within the game of CoC, was the everyone was using the measuring sticks I made for the process ass-backwards (if you will pardon my language!). It was really enjoyable to put this on and great play and a close outcome was the result. Remember that about half way through the US was loosing badly only to turn it
    around and win!

  2. Looks like you had a fun time. I shall have to consider Huzzah some year; it is always a bit too close to Historricon and our big SnapCon events; perhaps after I retire?!

  3. looks like a great convention - I need to get there next year

    1. What a great idea, we are thinking strongly about doing a Lard America event. A chance to see all my lovely AB Napoleonics.

    2. I agree! We Lardies have to make a point of putting on a lot of TFL games at Huzzah!20. At least as many as the Bolt Action folks