14 May 2019

Von Luck Redux

Hans Von Luck
Myself and Mike were able to restart our Kampfgruppe Von Luck campaign yesterday. We had messed up the supports as well as the terrain table in our first go and decided to replay both games. I had set up 2 tables in anticipation of playing the 1st two scenarios in one go but unfortunately Mike was running late so I decided to tear down the 1st table and call it an automatic withdrawal for the Brits and go straight to the 2nd table. As it turned out, I would have withdrawn anyway as none of my troops showed up for the 1st battle except 1 SL, a Piat team and Section 1!

Initial Platoon Ratings
Brits: CO +1, MO +2, PLO Happy
Germans: CO 0, MO +1, PLO Content

Post Turn 1
Brits: CO +1, MO +3, PLO Happy
Germans: CO +2, MO +3, PLO Happy

So on to table 2.....

British Paratroopers (FM 11)
2 SL
Piat Team
Section 1
Section 2 with JL and Bren Team
Section 3 with Bren Team

German Panzer Grenadiers (FM 9)
Panzer Grenadier Platoon
MMG Team

On to some photos....
The Patrol Phase went well for the Brits with the Germans isolated to 1 quadrant of the table.
Few photos were taken but we were bot able to get our FO's firing but theGermans got their Mortar Barrage  down first and my single intact section was rapidly chopped up. I have to say Mike had the most incredible luck with the dice getting multiple double phases as well as numerous 5's and 6's on his to hit dice, so despite my troops being elite my troops dropped like flies.....
.........I got 2 double phases one on my 2nd phase which was of little value and one triple 6 on the last phase which eliminated my Mortar Barrage just after I laid it down. I really had the most appalling luck with the die! So with both our FM at 8, I withdrew from the table. I believe I ended up with 4 dead and 2 missing while Mike had 1 dead and 2 missing. 
Post Turn 2
Brits: CO +1, MO +2, PLO Happy
Germans: CO +3, MO +6, PLO Affable

This moves the Germans to +1 in Supports and +3 on Force Morale throws

On to turn 3................

Naval Bombardment occurs preventing Germans from advancing on table 3.

Next game turn 4, Mike has 5 turns to achieve Victory by taking the next 3 tables. It is going to be a challenge.............for the Brits!


  1. John it does seem the Von Luck campaign is a real battle for the Brit paras. Hope to play this campaign one day.
    cheers John

  2. It's a difficult campaign for the paras. looking forward to reading more AAR.

  3. I'm really looking forward to following this as a chap at the club and I have determined to play a CoC game a month commencing with the Martlet Campaign book. This is next!

  4. It's a very enjoyable campaign but the Paras have to play it very shrewdly in the opening games until they have everyone gathered from the drop zone. The 'Corridor of Death' scenario is when things start to balance out a bit more and the Germans have a real fight on their hands.

  5. Looking forward to following this one. I have a platoon of Artizan British Airborne in the paint queue to do just this campaign.