30 December 2018

My ACW Collection

I have recently reorganised my Union army in order to expand it so I can play larger games of Pickett's Charge. I felt I needed 6-7 infantry brigades so I chopped down my 12 stand regiments to a more varied assortment of small, standard and large regiments according to the ruleset. Each infantry stand in Pickett's Charge represents 80-100 men with 3-4 stands being a small unit, 5-6 stands being a standard unit and 7-8 stands being a large unit. Certainly when you look historical ACW OB's the regiment size was quite variable especially for the Union early in the war. I had to buy some extra painted figures from GAJO games in order to bring my army up to strength. They have pre-painted Old Glory figures and although not as nice as my Blue Moon's, they were certainly nicely painted and mixed in well.

I have to thank my friend Mike for picking up some Flagdude standards at Fall-In as unfortunately they are going out of business and I really believe they were the best flags on the market. I recently got them all stuck on the stands and I have to say they look great as the below photos will attest.

I will be hoping to get some games in with my friend Adam, who has a comparably sized Confederate force. I recently discovered that George at Musings on Wargaming and Life has written a series of excellent ACW scenario books under the Potomac Publication banner which are available at Wargame Vault. So it seems I all set!
The Collection of 20 infantry regiments in 6-7 brigades, 2 cavalry regiments and 3 artillery batteries. There is one Commander in Chief stand with 7 Brigadier stands as well as 3 Sharpshooter stands.
Western Contingent with troops from Michigan, Wisconsin and Indiana
New York Contingent
Northeastern Contingent with troops from Maine and Massachusetts
I have 3 more cavalry regiments to base and probably should paint up a few more skirmisher stands but I think I have a good force with which to play many more games of Pickett's Charge.


  1. Superb, wonderful figures and flags!

  2. I wondered where those sudden sales sprung from, those booklets have been on the go since 1990. I think Ryan and I had more spare time back then or used it more wisely. Nice flags. I hope you enjoy the games.

  3. I very nice force, Jon. It should suffice for most battles; maybe a bit more artillery needed, too? :-)

  4. An impressive collection John and ACW is a great period.