28 December 2018

Some Peasants

Someone has to be in charge!
Well it is my IXth Challenge and since I am going to be back and forth over the next couple of weeks, I thought I would get up early and paint some figures. I am not really sure what the cut-off date is for the first submission but best to take no chances.

Anyone who has ever looked at my blog knows that we play a fair amount of SAGA and although I am well provided with warbands, I do need some more terrain as well as some ancillary figures. One common scenario in SAGA is an attack on a Baggage Train or raiding a village and stealing sheep. Well I have the baggage train and some sheep but I have never had any villagers, so I thought I would go ahead and get some.

These come from Gripping Beast and are quite nice. They were primed using the Zenithal Method with an airbrush and then painted using Citadel colours and washes. I like how they came out, nice and simple and a good way to start the challenge.


  1. I do like your peasants, great job...and good luck!

  2. I realy like what you did with these.

  3. Fairly dapper for peasants! I like 'em!

  4. Very nice, good luck with your challenge.