02 December 2018

95th Rifles

Just to show that I have done some painting. Here we have a group of six 95th Rifles, a skirmishing unit in Sharpe Practice. I have had these on the table for 3-4 months now. They are from the now defunct Alban Miniatures line. They are really the most anatomic 28mm Napoleonic figures that I have found. I have enough Rifles for 4 units with the Big Men. They will join some French Voliquers and Sharp and Harper.

It would be nice to find some British light company figures. Keep looking I suppose.


  1. Looking good; Alban went out of business just as I was thinking of buying some myself!

  2. Those are nice figures John, comparing them to the Front Rank version at the top of your blog I can see what you mean re anatomy. I read back through your previous two posts, the voltiguers are great too. Funny enough my wife returned from the UK this week with a 'collectors edition' boxed set of Sharpe as a present for me, I don't think I have been able previously to watch the series in order so I'm looking forward to doing so now :)

    1. Thanks Lee, I hope you enjoy the Sharpe's. I felt they were great fun to watch. Enjoying watching your Blue Moon collection coming together.