16 January 2019

Shout Out to Old Guard Painters

About 6 months ago, I placed an order with Old Guard Painting Service in the Ukraine. Time to start expanding my Hundred Days force for the planned Waterloo scenario book for Général d'Armée. I have always wanted to game Quatre-Bras and for this I needed some Dutch-Belgians and of course Brunswickers.

The Spanish painter I was using seems to be planning to retire as he only paints the occasional 28mm figure now and the painter I was using in Thailand was just too fussy, driving me crazy with non-sensical questions!

I saw an advert on the TMP marketplace that had some 15mm Nassau for sale for a good price but when I checked they were not AB but Old Glory. The owner Vladimir, though did offer a pretty good price to paint what I wanted. I already had decided that I wanted Perponcher's 2nd Division in the Allied Order of Battle, First Corps. This gave me a nice mix of Belgian, Dutch and Nassau. I also added the 3rd light cavalry brigade under Merlen from the Netherlands Cavalry Division. And of course I wanted the full Brunswick Corp under the Black Duke.

I decided to order half of the 2 divisions to test the waters. I believe the order approached around 300 figures. I was asked to pick out what figures I wanted from the AB catalogue, and directed Vladimir to use the centjours website to use as an uniform reference. And that was it. I recieved the figures a couple of days ago and I have to say I was enormously pleased. First up are some photos.
Impressively packed with every unit identified as well as a packing list...
....identified down to the figure.
Overview, I did not want the skirmishers, artillery or command figures based, just the formed infantry and cavalry.
Belgian Light Dragoons
Silly Billy, who I may let command Perponcher's Division.
Dutch Hussars
Belgian Line and Dutch Militia
Brunswick Hussars
The Black Duke

Well I have to base up the artillery, command figures as well as the skirmishers. But most, importantly I have to attach those Flagdude standards that I have most patiently kept on hand for the last 3 years!

Once this is done I will post up some more detailed photos of the units recieved. But maybe I should say a bit more about the service.

Old Guard Painters Review
Price 10/10
Ease of Ordering 10/10
Ease of Contact 10/10 all emails responded to within 24 hours if not sooner
Accuracy of Painting 10/10
Quality of Packing 10/10
Speed of Painting 9/10 Vladimir was a bit optimistic here quoting 3 months it was 5 (additional month for shipping)!

So I can recommend this painting service without reservation and I have already almost got together my next order.

Overall 10/10


  1. These figures look super and you can't get much higher of a rating than you have given. Curiously, what was the price per figure delvered?

    1. Prices are listed on web page but average <$3/figure.

  2. They look very nicely done indeed!

  3. Great haul and nicely done! Glad it worked out :)

  4. Great review John. I may have to give him some trade.