04 March 2018

AHPCVIII Ninth Submission:AB Miniatures

These troops have been sitting primed on the painting table for over 2 years, time to get them done. Aside from a unit of British Foot Artillery this is it for the AB Miniatures' lead pile. They are nice to paint but it is always a challenge I think to do less than 28mm Napoleonics. I like how they came out. I have 3 batteries of French Artillery that should be enough to play games at the scale I am interested. These chappies will be fielded as Artillerie à Pied although I have to say that the differentiation between French foot and horse artillery uniforms sometimes escapes me.


  1. 2 years...but they look superb, painting and basing!

  2. Great looking artillery, and as for the difference between French foot and Horse artillery, it's all about the braid and the plumes! :-)