10 March 2018

AHPCVIII Tenth Submission: More Folklore!

Nine more figures from Folklore: The Affliction box set. I have only 5 more left to paint. I have again gone with bright colours. They are nice figures to paint aside from the faces as on some of the figures the sculpting of the faces is quite soft.

I am experimenting with a black backdrop here. It is a real challenge, as to keep the background black, I have to crank down the exposure and have to avoid using a lot of light. I am using my iPhone as oddly enough I find the quality better than my fancy camera and I can edit the photo to a certain degree on my phone. I also like the airdrop feature. I am having some problems with the lighting as you can see the left most figure in the bottom photo is a little washed out.

I like a white back drop as I find it easier to get the exposure correct, but my last submission to the challenge this year really will require a black backdrop so it is good to get some practice in. If any one has any advice to give I would appreciate it.

Moon Priests and Stregas

Some Vampires


Well the Challenge is over in 2 weeks, I am hoping to have two more submissions. The final submission is completely painted but not yet photographed and written about. I also have another group almost painted that I hope to get in next Wednesday. Check it out at Analogue Hobbies.


  1. Wonderful choice of colors with the vampires and priests!

  2. They came out very well.
    i have pretty much abandoned my Nikon Digital camera. First, it is so old that it's hard to find a computer the interface will work with, second, the cheap digital camera in my I phone takes better quality pictures, as you've noted. That was NOT true of my older i phone camera, which took pretty poor photos.