28 April 2016

The End of an Era

Over the last week I decided to get rid of my 28mm Anglo-Portuguese army, they were well priced and sold quickly. Selling off the French army was painful, it is just not worth my time. I was also able yesterday to get rid of my 28mm NKE figures, both painted and unpainted. This project really had little interest for me.

So where does that leave me, well I still have a little over a hundred 28mm Napoleonics which I have kept for Sharpe Practice. Most of these are already based singly but thankfully it is little work to rebase the rest. I also still have some unpainted 28mm Napoleonics which I have been holding onto until the Sharpe Practice 2 ruleset was released. Well I now have it and can go through this small lead pile to see what I may need for supports.

All that was left than was my 28mm Brunswick Corps, I really had no use for it but at the same time this was my favourite army and I just did not want to sell it. Thankfully Iannick has accepted it as a gift. I had some satisfaction in giving the "Black Hoard" to someone who especially favours brightly coloured armies. Joking aside, I was very happy to give the Corps to him as I have to say he started me off in wargaming. We have not had much of a chance to play in the last year but I am going to Montreal for a month this summer and I am sure we will get in a few games.

So is it still wargaming in 28mm? Well yes it is. I have a lots of other 28mm troops aside from those destined for Sharpe Practice. I have got a very nice FIW British force which I am going to supplement with some more Indians also for Sharpe Practice. I have 4 Dark Age warbands, which are still frequently used. I have the Revenants warband in a box, they do look like an interesting group to paint. I also have some Japanese Warring States figures both painted and unpainted which I think I will keep. Samurai are just so cool, and I do enjoy painting them. I am hoping that someone develops a ruleset for large scale skirmishes for this period.

Well that is all I suppose, aside from taking down my Roll Call of the 28mm Napoleonic Armies and substituting it with an 18mm Napoleonic Roll Call!


  1. Very interested to hear about and see you plans come together!

  2. It's funny how our interest in scales ebbs and flows. I remain a "28mm guy" but am having dreams of bigger battles in 15 mm. Perhaps it because I'm nearing the completion of the 28 mm scales I want

    Maybe wargames are happiest when building up a force rather than when wielding a completed one

  3. Time perhaps to rename the blog squire!!!

  4. I shall welcome the brothers in black with open arms. Thanks again!

  5. Look forward to seeing skirmishers out with Sharp Practice.