14 April 2016

Attack on an Outpost: Pacific 1942

This has been a bit of a weird week for gaming, I had games hopefully lined up for today and this Saturday but they both fell through. My son happened to be home and when asked agreed to give my new 1941 Pacific troops ago. I still have 3 squads of USMC to paint as well as 2 squads of Japanese and some supports to do, but the leadership and 2 squads of each as well as some limited support were available so we said why not.

Still a lot of work to do on terrain as you can see below the board is pretty sparse for jungle but we did have enough to set down to block LOS and give cover. We decided to play scenario 6 with the USMC attacking a Japanese jungle outpost.
You can see the Japanese outpost to the left foreground. 
Patrol phase, it is only my son's 2nd game, he still finds this a bit of a puzzle. He played the USMC and I played the Japanese. He diced 9 on supports so got 11 supports (2 point differential between Platoon Force Rating) so I ended up getting 5 points of supports. We both had a starting Morale of 9. Simon took a Mortar team, 50cal HMG, Bazooka and a Corpsman. I took a MMG and 1 entrenchment.
Japanese JOP's
Japanese Squad and MMG.
I get a double 6 and decide to attack.
The positions of the troops and their movements through out the game.
Final Combat, the USMC were routed.
We got in maybe 12-14 phases in 1 turn with 3-4 double 6's on each side and 2 CoC Dice each, so there was lots of play. I was a little luckier with my dice and was able to beat Simon's FM down to 4 so he withdrew, it took about 60 minutes so a nice little game. Time to work on more terrain.