05 July 2021

Additions to the French Armoury


It is funny how my blog has become completely focused on gaming over the last couple of years when it actually started off as a painting blog. Certainly during the Covid, my gaming increased markedly but I did continue to paint and put together terrain. I have just not been that good at documenting progress on my blog. I will start to try to catch up with a series of themed blog posts.

Today I took some photos of my French supports for Chain of Command which I play in 20 mm. I should note that I actually do not have a French Infantry force but have been substituting my Belgian Chasseurs Ardennais figures. I do plan to add some French figures to my force but mostly they will be supports for which I do not have Belgian figures.

I have, however, put together some French Armours and guns for the force. I already had two Hotchkiss H39 Tanks, a Souma S35 as well as a Char bis. No trucks though or armoured fighting vehicles, and no light artillery.

We have been playing the Gembloux Gap campaign so I thought it best to have some available to my opponent. Aside from the guns these new additions have all been printed on my small resin printer, which really has done an amazing job.
I have gone with my own colour scheme which is quite simple, the figures look maybe a little washed out. I believe this is because there is some slight frosting from the matt varnish. I am just going to watch this and see what happens. They certainly look vibrant on the table, which is my main goal. I primed the models black or grey and then airbrushed them with Panzer Aces Green Taillight, followed by a wash with Citadel Camoshade followed by a dry brush of VMC Olive Green. Wheels and accruements are then painted in and washed. They are not the best but they will do for the tabletop.
25 mm L/72 to the left from Ace Models. An EWM Belgian 76mm IG on the right

Two Renault R35's, these came from Thingiverse, not the best detailing. I will probably paint on the French camp scheme when I have a spare moment.

Laffly Tractors, I really like these P-Y gave me the STL, not sure where they originate.
Panhard 178 AFV's from 3D Breed
I believe, I am probably good now for French support vehicles and guns but who knows, something always pops up.


  1. They look most excellent!

  2. Great looking tanks, vehicles and guns. Excellent texturing.
    Regards, James