20 March 2021

WaC Campaign-High Noon, Game 2

Last Wednesday week, myself and P-Y got in our 2nd game of our newly resurrected WaC campaign. This time we played the High Noon scenario. Posses as below.

Tuco-Legend-Outlaw-Colt Navy, Colt 45-Deadeye, Stealthy, Shoulder Stock
Blondie-Gunslinger-Outlaw-Winchester Carbine-Deadeye
Angel Eyes-Shootist-Ex-soldier-Wincester Carbine-Rifleman, Telescopic Sight
Le Français-Greenhorn-Merchant-Colt 45-Slow

Robert "the Savage"Cain-Legend-Ex-Outlaw-Adams Revolver, Colt 45-Quick Draw, Ambidextrous, Shoulder Stock
Elmer "Two Lives Pratt-Gunslinger-Ex Outlaw-Winchester Carbine, Colt 45-Lucky
Moses "the Viper" Rivera -Shootist-Buffalo Hunter-Winchester Carbine
Herman "the Mute" Elliot-Greenhorn-Railway Worker-Colt 45, Sawn-off Shotgun-Tough

This was the first game, that we played with supports, we both took some Henchmen, I took a Mobile Deployment Point and P-Y took some Ambushes. 

My Mexicans had quite a tough outing. I was able to get one of my posse on the high ground almost immediately and was able to drive off the Posse's henchmen quite quickly but then disaster struck and Blondie my Gunslinger took one between the eyes and was killed "the Savage". The game then see-sawed back and forth. We each lost another posse member or Henchman but time was running out so the game was called without a clear victor. We both withdrew. As the game was 9 days ago, I really have forgot most of the details but maybe the photos below may tell the story!

The result for me was not good: Tuco though is now up to 8 Reps, Angel Eyes has 2 Reps, while Le Français has one rep. I am going to suffer the loss of Blondie but was able to recruit a new Greenhorn, "3 fingered Julio" an x miner. The rules writer changed the post game loot, by decreasing it markedly. I think I am going to suggest to P-Y that we keep the original version.

"O" Group, the new WWII ruleset by Dave Brown and TFL has been received on this side of the Atlantic, so I suspect our focus will shift away from WaC for awhile in order to get a grip on this new ruleset.

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