09 March 2021

WaC Campaign- Game1, Highway Robbery

This past Wednesday, we restarted our What a Cowboy campaign. The campaign rules have undergone a major re-write and I have to say that are much improved especially in respect to progression. We rerolled up our posses, we have decided to limit our basic posse to 4 characters. I wend with my "Man with no Name" posse!

Tuco-Legend-Outlaw-2 Colt 45's-Deadeye, Stealthy, Shoulder Stock
Blondie-Gunslinger-Outlaw-Winchester Carbine-Deadeye
Angel Eyes-Shootist-Ex-soldier-Colt 45-Rifleman
Le Français-Greenhorn-Merchant-Colt 45-Slow

P-Y went with a new posse, but still good guys.

Robert "the Savage"Cain-Legend-Ex-Outlaw-Adams Revolver, Colt 45-Quick Draw, Ambidextrous
Elmer "Two Lives Pratt-Gunslinger-Ex Outlaw-Winchester Carbine, Colt 45-Lucky
Moses "the Viper" Rivera -Shootist-Buffalo Hunter-Colt 45
Herman "the Mute" Elliot-Greenhorn-Railway Worker-Colt 45, Sawn-off Shotgun-Tough

As usual, P-Y had set up a beautiful terrain, we decided to go with the Highway Robbery scenario. We diced, P-Y won and decided to play the Defender. The scenario was quite simple, but I believe pretty difficult for the Attacker. Some loot was hidden in or around a small town, salted bacon I believe. I think P-y wanted to show off the pigpen he designed, printed and painted! Six markers were placed, with one of them representing the loot. The Attacker had to cross over them to reveal if they were dummies or not. Once the loot was discovered it had to be carried off the Attacker's table edge.

The photos below are in no particular order, but suffice to say 2 of the Sheriff's men were placed in the buildings and I started from the western edge of the table, while P-Y had to bring his other 2 men in from the east. I decided to advance from the the northwest edge with 1 character and bring the other 3 characters in from the more southerly edge. I should of spent more time thinking about where P-Y had put his initial 2 characters and under which of the 6 markers might he have hidden the loot. I did not and ended up with a plan to try to run over all 6, I actually was able to run over 5 and of course the one I had left at the end of the game was the loot! As usual, I have now forgot some of the details but we each were able to drive one character off the table, it was interesting as usually I am lucky on the Critical Hit table, but this time despite 4 Critical Hits, I never got better than a 2. Eventually however I was really starting to run out of Action Dice except for Tuco, and decided to withdraw from the table before I was forced to take a Skedaddle Test. 

We then went through the much improved post game campaign process, each character now gains Reputation Points, and with every 5 points gained your character advances. We both did pretty well and the good guys earned $40 to buy new equipment while the bad guys gained $20. I will put the Reps earned in my next post for the campaign.

I really enjoyed this game, and am looking forward to the next episode that is tomorrow night.

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