05 April 2015

Chronica Iohannes: Cwaluwuduholt

I am really getting behind in my blogging, but I have 3 games this week all of which I want to post AAR on so I better get going.

This game was played almost 3 weeks ago at the Hobby Bunker and as usual a well detailed AAR can be found on the Fencing Frog blog. Adam came up with the great idea of using an Old English translator to come up with the name. We used a heavily wooded terrain and the battle was absolutely brutal with heavy losses on both sides so we have Cwaluwuduholt or in modern English ......the Murder Woods.

The game started off quite badly for me as in the pre-battle phase; not only was my champion killed, but while having some pre battle drinks I some how or another lost a card from my hand (having only 4 Fate cards for the whole game), and although my morale was boosted by 2, the Saxon Lord yet again gave a rousing speech and boosted his command status to 4 with 6 Fate cards in his hand. So I started the game with a slight advantage in morale but with a disadvantage of having a superior enemy with 50% more Fate cards!

The Saxons aggressively attacked cleverly using the trees to protect their flanks. The Britons some how or another where able to blow a hole through the Saxon centre and things appeared to be looking up. For some reason or another I then left the safety of the woods allowing the Saxons to attack me from the rear and I lost a whole unit of warriors.

A slugfest then ensued with heavy loses on both sides, and as I was nearing a disadvantage in men killed I decided to withdraw. I believe Adam lost 18 men (but was somehow another able to protect his elites-now he is a king losing these chaps will cost him dearly) and I lost 23. Not only was my Champion Uther killed, but two of my Nobles Cadog and Morcant were captured. Adam also had his noble Osbert captured.

It was really a great game that went on just over 4 hours and I suppose I was lucky to get away with just a +2 Saxon victory. Our campaign has now gone on for 4 historical years, and although very close to date, I believe that Adam has certainly built up an advantage. It is going to be hard to pry the Saxons out of the Old North.

Well as noted above it is going to be a busy week, I am hoping to get my CoC Winter War campaign launched in a couple of hours, we have had two preliminary games now to test the terrain and the OB. Wednesday, I shall have my first outing with General Bonaparte meets Chain of Command. This is a new battalion level game from the writer of Le Feu Sacre which is now in playtest. I have found two experienced gamers from Brockton to face off with each other while I will be gamemastering. I have put an enormous amount of time into understanding this ruleset, it looks great, so I am hoping for the best. And although not 100% sure, I think we have a game of Dux scheduled for this Thursday.

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