28 November 2013

Conquest Miniatures French Indian War

As mentioned in the last post, I though I would put some photos up of my FIW miniatures. They are all from Conquest Miniatures, and they are really quite excellent. I painted these 40 figures without interruption  They were all primed white and then painted using the Games Workshop Paint system. Essentially block painted (still applied this quite thinly as the undercoat is white), then washed with one of their several washes. Some highlights were applied and then one of 4 glazes applied on some on the figures. The last process is interesting as the glazes act like filters and are especially interesting on light browns, they really can change the appearance of the figure. I then applied the darkest AP, but really this is a minimal application and is aggressively and immediately brushed off. I find it a great sealer. I think I ordered all 4 Rangers packs, Iroquois Pack B, the Ottawa Sachem, Colonial Settlers pack A and Frontiersmen pack A. Finally I bought a pack of Seminole Maroons from the Seminole wars range. As many of my British colonial units were Rangers, I needed to mix in some Indian and African figures. These generally appeared to be dressed in more European clothes. I think it worked out OK. 

I really can strongly recommend these figures, they are beautifully animated, are slender (I believe the term is anatomic), the muskets are the best I have seen and an absolute joy to paint. I will be added some figures from this line for sure.
Around a 300 point British war band in Musket & Tomahawks
Major Joseph Gorham

A yet unnamed Iroquois Sachem 

Gorham's Rangers, the prototype for future rangers, originally formed in Massachusetts as an auxiliary unit to support the British in Nova Scotia. Initially an all Indian force but by the FIW had settlers, indians and escaped slaves in it's ranks. The uniform is conjectural.

Dank's Rangers, formed in Maine also to fight for the British in Nova Scotia against the Acadians and the Micmacs. Usually fought with Gorham's Rangers, so I thought they would be an interesting addition.

Roger's Rangers, formed in New Hampshire to fight for the British in the FIW

A small Iroquois unit, I will be adding some more Native Americans. 

Colonial Miltia

Civilians aka Cannon Fodder

Nicely animated Civilian

My favourite Militia figure

One of the Seminole Maroons standing in as an African member of Roger's Rangers

Gorham's Ranger

Dank's Ranger

Iroquois Warrior


  1. They look terrific John - a really diverse bunch. I've had a lot of fun gaming FIW and am tempted to collect them too. I like the autumn leaves on the bases - a nice touch!


  2. Lovely figures and the paint jobs do them full justice, John!

  3. They look great John,and mix very well with mine.

  4. Great looking figures. I like the way you painted and based them.

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