16 August 2008

Painting Technique

This is my painting area. It is actually a loft over our bedroom. I use 2 lights, 1 halogen and 1 CFB. This gives me pretty even light, there are further halogen spots in the ceiling, it does get a little hot up there as it is the 4th floor in a old Victorian. As you can see it is an absolute mess, I am usually a little more tidy.

I feel I am an indifferent painter, I like to be accurate in respect to uniform, but at the same time would never have the patience to paint like these great amateur painters (Quindia Studios, Roly's Wargames Cabinet). I am more excited to see the fully based painted unit on my wargames table.

I use a pretty basic painting technique, doing a unit of figures (12-18) at a time by gluing them on 2 ft sticks. I use a black primer. I liked GW chaos black primer, but they recently changed the formulation (so what else is new) so I now use a automotive primer. This is followed by a white dry brush over the full figure, this really pulls out the details for me and makes the figure much easier to paint. I then either do another dry brush with the required colour or lately I have been experimenting with the new GW washes over the white drybrush, but more about that later. I sometimes supplement this with a lighter shading or darker washes or inks, but a lot of the time I do not need to, as the black primer with a white dry brush followed by the colour gives you fairly nice shading. I then do the straps, bags, guns, etc.

I use GW elf flesh on the face and hands followed by their sepia wash, this is good for me as I have no interest in colouring in eyes etc. I then use a matt varnish and finish by doing the base.

A prize to ever can identify the object stuck in the right side of the lower shelf.


  1. A Cod Jigger!

    I've used one before, so I suppose it doesn't count. ;-)

  2. Well there is supposed to be a prize, so if you send me your address I will send you a little something that may be helpful in your black powder games.