25 August 2008

Painting Tartan

I used this website to get from which to get tartan patterns. This really shows what an hopeless painter I am, but the final result from a distance worked out ok and gives a general impression of what colours are in the tartan.

Regal Blue base coat to start. It is amazing how sloppy things look when you blow up the photo.
Dark Angel Green Stripes. All the paints used here are GW, including the new washes they have put out which I think are great.

I then paint Goblin Green spots where the dark green stripes crossover.
Red Core Stripes (now starting to develop an unsteady hand)
Desert Yellow Stripes (very unsteady hand), lets hope the next step can fix this as the whole job now looks awful.

Asurmen Blue Wash seems to fix all the mis-steps above, but still leaves the impression of all the colours being present in the tartan.

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