10 March 2020

Some Terrain for Epic: AHPCX #8

Myself and Iannick are planning to have our first 30k Epic game in three weeks, I have never played before and I do not think that Iannick has played Epic Armageddon since he was a young lad.  We are planning to use 2000 +/- 100 point forces and are playing the NetEA rules with the Horus Heresy lists. I am playing the Blood Angels and Iannick the Emperor's Children. I believe the plan is to play on a 4x4 terrain with no spaceship's, but everything else goes. I have my list together but keeping it a secret in order to confound Iannick. as we had no terrain, I have been keeping the CR10S busy. I already have a desert mat and some hills (from Rommel) as well as some 6 mm roads and rivers which will do, I really can not imagine the 30k world being a lush, verdant one, but of course I really have no idea as I know nothing about this world! I am looking forward to getting my force on the table though and the rules themselves do not look too complicated.

A Warhound for scale, I am hoping it is right
Ruined buildings, some objective markers and game tokens, all done on the 3D printer.
Regimental HQ in bottom left. I will make an orbital blast marker later but only needed this one for our upcoming game.
Bit of a challenge to match colouring with mat but pretty good I believe.
Detail of markers and and objectives.

Wish us luck in our game.


  1. Excellent - I wish I had a 3D printer for stuff like this! I preferred Epic 40,000 myself but any 6mm Horus Heresy should be good fun. Looking forward to seeing the game :)

  2. Great looking terrain/buildings John, very atmospheric!