08 March 2020

Black Seas: Catch the Prize

This past Friday, myself and Adam had a go at Black Seas, this was Adam's first game and my fifth. He is planning to put on a game a small con at the end of the month and want to playtest the rules as well as his scenario.

He decided to go with Scenario 5 from the books with the only advanced national rules being in play. The scenario pits a frigate and a brig against other, he elected to go with French and US ships, with one force escorting an unarmed merchant ship across so treacherous waters. Here are a few photos from the game.

These are all Adam's ships which were very nicely done. We played the scenario twice with us each taking a turn being the defender, and in both games the defender (the escorting force) winning. Both games took around 60 minutes, cementing my belief that this is an excellent set of rules which give a fun game. We used my off table card holders which obviate the need for wake markers. I think Adam has decided after the game to remove the bases, they do making measuring and turning using the included templates a little more difficult. I used my linear laser for the first time to decide which ship is closest to the wind, thus going first. With the wind gauge in the middle of the terrain this is an absolute plus and I highly recommend it. 

It was a fun game!