06 December 2019

Some American AFV's for CoC

I  recently painted up 2 American vehicles for the Bloody Bucket campaign. Both from SHQ and will join the HMC-M8 I painted soem time ago. I always have a sense that SHQ are marginally smaller than a lot of the vehicles I have from PSC, Amourfast, Pegasus and Italeri as they are more 20mm than 1/72 but I have found that this is not always the case.
M16 "Meat Chopper"
Has a quad M2 MMG set up
M8 Greyhound
Has a 37mm M6 main gun with a M1919 HMG
Need a few decals but they can be placed at a later date. I think I have a box of PSC's Allied Halftracks so I will have to get one out to see how in scale it is with the M-16.

I have been recently working on 3D printing vehicles, quite a challenge in comparison to terrain. I will get a post out soon to discuss my progress.


  1. Great stuff John - are those SHQ models all metal?

  2. Nice work John, the Quad MGs are very useful
    cheers John

    1. Thanks John, now if I only could paint vehicles up as well as you do.