08 December 2019

Bull Run Redux

Myself and Adam got in our second test run of our planned ACW campaign this past Friday at the Hobby Bunker. Certainly we have the rules down and the game went smoothly. The post battle process also went quite well and I think aside from a couple of changes we are all set to go.

Here are a few photos from the game, as usual blogger as loaded them backwards with the earlier photos at the end.

We played 5 turns and by then it was obvious that it was a solid Cofederate victory. I played a very aggressive game but found out that unsupported charges and poor dice rolling is not going to get you anywhere. Adam scored 2 Epic points with the victory and with the dispersal of one of my infantry regiments.

I think we are close to done with the campaign adjustments and are ready to go. With Xmas on the horizon it is difficult to say when we might get in our first game but hopefully soon. Once finalised, I will upload the campaign to the blog.


  1. Looks good, and the campaign seems like fun!

    1. I am hoping it will work out Peter, few more kinks yet.

  2. John - this looks great. What scale/size are the figures?