01 December 2019

Adventures with Contrast Paints

I bought 8-10 of these paints a couple of months ago and thought I would give them a go on some Games Workshop figures. I am building up an Elven based army for SAGA Age of Magic. These figures are from the plastic Warior Wood Elves box.

Contrast paints only, generally ok, but really to much pooling especially with the purple, the flesh colour did not work that well eiher, the browns are nice.
After they have been repainted with Citadel coulours and then washes.
So here is how they look based and matt varnished.
I have a sense that these figures were a poor choice to try out these paints on, they are nice enough  but the casts are a little weak. I suspect, I will not be buying more.


  1. I only have five and four of them work for me, I may keep on with the red and leather but probably not the others.

    1. The only one I find useful is the white which I use to tone down bright colours on buildings.

  2. Contrast Paints are interesting, but for those of us with more experience in the Hobby, they are sort of a solution looking for a problem. I have started to find niche spots where they are excellent (certain pin washes on AFVs, for example), and there will be others. I suspect it will be the same for you and for others.