01 March 2017

More Sharp Practice

The Saturday before last we got in another game of Sharpe Practice 2, this time we played at Mike's house in RI. Bit of a delay in getting there as I got lost, never rely on the SatNav completely!

Order of Battle

Level III Leader
3 Groups of British Line Regular Infantry

Level I Leader
2 Groups of Spanish Line Conscript Fusileros

Level I Leader
1 Group of Brunswick Skirmish Light Infantry

Level II Leader
1 Group of 95th Rifles Skirmish Light Infantry

Level III Leader
2 Groups of Dragoon Skirmishers
1 Group of Voltiguer Skirmishers
Holy Man

Level II Leader
1 Group of Regular Line Carabiniers
1 Group of Regular Line Vistula Legion (lent to me by Mike)

Level II Leader
1 Group of Regular Line Voltiguers
1 Group of Conscript Line Chasseurs

We again played Scenario One from the book, we diced for Morale, mine was 9 and Mike's was 11. On to the game.........

Mike sizing up the terrain while he shuffles the cards. French starting position is to the left.  The French Deployment Point is just to the left of the hill, the British is just to the right of the Hacienda. 
Mike advances the 95th.
These are a very tough nut, they have a 36" range and have the +1 to hit light infantry bonus
I advance my large formation of skirmishers to my right flank behind a hill.
Mike advances his Brunswick Light Infantry, fortunately they are armed with muskets. 
The Spanish conscripts are close behind, followed by the British line.
Looks like they are heading down the road.
The French Chasseur/Voltiguer Formation heads to the road, while the Carabiniers and the Vistula Legion maneuver around the hill, unfortunately the tree line did not block LOS
First Fire at the 95th, little success
Big powerful group of skirmishers shriking behind the hill
Time to advance
The 95th gets a little skittish and withdraws to the cover of the building
Mike decides the threat is to his left flank
The French advance and fire, those Fusileros are not an easy target
The French skirmishers fire with little effect
The thin red line fires and kaboom, down go the voltiguers!
Even the Status III Leader is knocked over, the physic ministers with success
It was a busy day for him as he rushes back and forth
I bring up the Carabiniers and the Vistula Legion, but by now the British Line has repositioned itself and fires causing the Poles and the French to withdraw, the French Morale plunges the depths et le jeu est terminƩ. Victory to the British.

It was another great game, no question this is a great ruleset and I suspect that we will be starting a campaign before too long. But for now back to Chain of Command Martlet, hoping to get the next turn in this weekend.